Private sommelier's shop

«Le vin est notre capacité collective à sublimer le réel» - Enrick Cunsolo

Private sommelier's shop

  • Thanks to my multiple roles in the world of wine (traditional sommelier, wine merchant, winemaker) I bring you a global expertise in order to sublimate your moments of celebration and relaxation with a tailor-made selection designed to satisfy your desires with precision. The objective is to offer you wines at estate prices, adapted to your desires.

  • Weddings & Events

  • To celebrate the important moments of your private and professional life, I offer you an accompaniment to select the wines that will match your food and budget.
  • Do not hesitate to contact me for a quote.

  • Discovery of the world's vineyards

  • The vineyards of the world have forged the landscapes and many of them are listed sites. Thanks to a network of winegrowers, restaurateurs and tourism professionals, embark on an exploration of the vineyards and local gastronomy.
  • Wine School

    «Il faut toute le vie pour apprendre à vivre» - Sénèque

    Wine is a complex process that deserves attention and requires learning in order to take full advantage of its extraordinary potential. So what are the elements that make up a wine? What makes the "taste" (physiology, neuroscience, culture...)? What determines the price of a wine? How do we appropriate wine and food/wine pairings? Discovering the wines of the world... All these elements are covered in the tasting workshops given in various formats and in various places.

    Programme « ESSENTIEL »

    Private individual

  • For special events or made-to-measure courses, I remain at your disposal to offer you the service you need.

  • Professional

  • With several renowned companies to my credit (Total, Safran, Arkema...) I organise tasting workshops (French/English) in order to create a link between different players in your company. I adapt the offer to the participants (Geologists at Total, Chemists at Arkema...) in order to link wine and their skills.
  • I adapt to the place, the time and the budget.

  • Biography

    Being part of a holistic approach, I have worked with different wine actors, in traditional sommelier's shops, in wine cellars as well as in several wine estates (Jurançon, Savoie, Geneva).

    The first position of trust was that of sommelier at the N°5 Wine Bar - Toulouse (establishment elected 3 times in a row best wine bar in the world) with more than 4000 references to know, advise and serve. It is here that the desire to make wine a profession was forged.

    After various experiences in the South-West, I came back to settle down with my family in Geneva, very close to my native Savoyard land and in the heart of a vast network of vineyards (Savoy, Beaujolais, Burgundy, Vaud, Valais...).

    I am currently studying for the WSET Diploma Level 4, the leading English language school in the world of wine.

    Faced with an increased demand from customers, I have decided today to bring my oenological knowledge and to accompany people who wish to quench their thirst for learning and understanding.

    "Wine is,
    A narrative of life on earth, of the organic "mystery" of the infinitely small and the cosmic effect of the infinitely large.
    A treatise on History and the work of man. An act of resistance of the senses, taste and observation.
    It speaks of us, our collective capacity to change reality. It expresses our thirst to live together and the intoxication of our ephemeral lives." - Enrick Cunsolo

    Chronicle of the wine